2 de fevereiro de 2016

ATS® with Skirt with Krisztina

Krisztina is Advanced Teacher Training Certified, is an ATS® Sister Studio Continuing Education Instructor, and Michigan's first Sister Studio to FatChanceBellyDance®.  She is also certified in group fitness and holistic fitness.  She has an extensive dance background spanning 40+ years including classical ballet and several styles of Middle Eastern Dance.  She has been teaching ATS®, Turkish Romany and Tribal World Fusion Belly dance since 2001.  Krisztina is known not only for her strong technique and innate sense of musicality, but also for her ability to share these attributes with her students.

My dance background and current projects:
I brought ATS® to Michigan. I started teaching ATS® in 2001 and became certified in 2008.  There were no other tribal dance teachers of any kind in my part of the state when I started, so I had to travel to take classes and workshops and did a lot of long distance learning.

I have trained several dancers from beginners to becoming certified ATS® teachers.  

I run weekly classes for all levels of dancers.  I perform several times a month with my dance company, Czigany World Fusion Dance. 

I host Sacred Circles Tribal Dance Retreat every October, a premier ATS® dance event in the Midwest that draws students from all across the USA and Canada.  This event always features at least one FatChanceBellyDance® teacher, usually two.

My Projects:
I am the creator of the instructional ATS® with Skirt DVD entitled Work that Skirt, ATS® Style. I worked with Carolena to adapt the skirt steps that I have taught in my Tribal World Fusion Dance classes over the past 13 years to fit into the ATS® format as a movement dialect.  My Fusion choreographies are well known for their skirt work. 
I am also the creator of the ATS® Drill Companion Series DVD's.  There will be six DVD's in the entire series, one for each family of steps.  Currently available are: Volume One - The Pivot Bump Family, Volume Two - The Arabic Family and Volume Three - The Shimmy Family, and Volume Four - The Egyptian Family and Fast Complex Steps .  And the last two volumes, Volume Five - Taxeem Family, Bodywave Family and Slow Turns, and Volume Six - Embellishments and Slow Complex Steps are due out this summer.

Here is the marketing text I use to promote the DVD's:

The ATS® Drill Companion Series was developed by Krisztina Clark, artistic director of Czigany World Fusion dance and sister studio to FCBD®, under the guidance and support of Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, creator of ATS® and director of FCBD, Inc.

This series features the entire ATS® vocabulary as found on the FCBD® Tribal Basics DVD's.  Each Drill Companion DVD focuses on an individual family of steps, features extended drills of each step with zills, and is filmed from the duet position so you can easily follow the leader making it the perfect practice partner for dancers of all levels
Benefits of practicing with these DVD's:
  • Mindful, focused practice is the best way to improve any skill.
  • Repetition and drilling the steps in your practice gets them into your muscle memory.
  • You work your muscle memory in class and practice so when performing only your brain and emotions are working;  you don't have to think about what the body is doing so you can be present in the moment with the music and your dance partners instead of thinking about the steps. 
I also run online guided drill intensives utilizing my DVD series along with supplemental drills to help dancers develop a good practice routine, help get the steps into their muscle memory, and receive feedback on their progress.
What I love most about ATS®, and what keeps me dancing and teaching it, is the sisterhood.  With all of my years of taking classes, teaching and performing, I have not seen anything like it in any other community.  I love that it is both structured and improvisational.  I love I can dance with anyone from anywhere in the world, even if we have just met, and we dance together and speak the same language through dance.


Pessoal, essa é a linda e muito simpática Krisztina. Ela é professora avançada de ATS®, uhuuuu e desenvolveu um estudo sobre o uso da saia como acessório, há todo um vocabulário com cues muito bem estruturado, aliás como tudo nessa dança maravilhosa.

Vendo a apresentação do grupo de Krisz (olha a intimidade), durante o ATS Homecoming, há pequenas semelhanças com a dança Romany, penso que essa ponte é natural, afinal quer algo mais gypsy do que ter a saia a mão? Muito bonito, saias vaporosas com uma roda absuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurda, nossa babei muito!!!! MAS o trabalho dessa professora avançada de ATS® ainda que se lembre do povo Romany,  você inexoravelmente faz a ponte à proposta que é tribal e aos movimentos que todas conhecemos.

Vale a pena conferir o vídeo do you tube e se apaixonar, como eu.
Há um DVD ensinando tudooooo, abalizado por Carolena Nericcio-Bolhman. 
Tou comendo com farofa os movimentos, apaixonei totalmente!!!!!
Super recomendo
Xeros Maria Badulaques.

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