5 de junho de 2015

Samia Nasser sobre Jamila Salimpour

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Costumes Made of Outdated Coins: I used to see dancers wearing costumes made of outdated money/coins. I had never seen that before, and I wondered, “Why not use real coins or beads?”  They used to think that beaded costumes were not authentic. I used to say that it was untrue, and encouraged them to wear beaded customs (and wear shoes also). I’ve designed some beautiful, authentic bead-and-coin dancing costumes for a few friends.  I’m proud of my designs and work!
Also, I have introduced Arabic dancing  costumes with sleeves. Here you’ll see my friend, Anzelle, in one of my beaded costumes. She absolutely loved it and has received many compliments. She looked quite pretty in it and gave a good performance.
I had had enough of New York cold weather, so, I headed to Hollywood, California, where I danced in the Egyptian Gardens on Sunset Boulevard.  I was pleased that we had a big crowd for my opening night, as you can see from the write-up.  In the dressing room, while I was trying to change into a dress, a lovely lady came in and introduced herself as “Jamila”.  I greeted her, and she paid me a nice compliment:
“When I was watching you dance, I thought I was watching an Egyptian movie!”
I thanked her for her compliment. At that time, I did not know that she, too, was a dancer and a teacher because that was my first time meeting her.  When I danced at GiGi’s Port Said, in San Francisco, on my opening night while I was dancing, I noticed Jamila was in the audience again, and I was happy to see her.
When a good musician, Yousif from Baghdad, Iraq asked me to dance at his club, The Bagdad Cabaret, I saw Jamila often, and she was always nice to me. 

At that time, Mr. Salimpour (we always called him Salim) was the drummer; he was a nice gentleman and a good drummer.  I liked them both, and I was happy when they got married! (Indirectly, I had something to do with that, I might add.)  When I heard we lost Salim,  I felt very sad.  Salim was a new-comer to the United States, and unfortunately, he didn’t have a chance to start his new life in America.   Sincerely, I felt awful for Jamila, going through all that sadness at early stage of her marriage to Salim.  I danced again in the Baghdad Cabaret when George Elias owned it; I’m sorry we lost him too. I truly enjoyed his voice and oud playing.

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