7 de junho de 2015

Sobre o Estilo Tribal por Mark Bell (em inglês)


Just so you know, I played with the original Bal Anat from 1972-74, was the troupe's main drummer and taught darbukka to many of the dancers as an adjunct to the Saturday(?) classes held by Jamila. The concept of tribal was absolutely unknown. All the dances performed were all totally choreographed. There were no cues, signals, leader changes, etc. Nothing ever taught in any of the classes ever broached these concepts.

Dance moves are dance moves, some translate to tribal, some don't. Wearing "traditional" costumes does not make you tribal. Hahbi Ru had nothing to do with tribal, either. Everything was totally choreographed as well. I should know, having played for them for about 16 years.

You will find many sources of ideas and inspirations that influenced FCBD, but if you want to go directly to the bottom line, here it is: Carolena started Tribal.

Rachel may be surprised by that, too. I don't know. I do know that she studied with many teachers, among them Carolena. Zoe I've known for years and she was dancing with pops and locks before she took from Suheila if I've got my timeline recollection correct. 

If the thread is going to go into who begat who, I don't believe Jamila ever went to the Middle East. Therefore, one would need to include the influences of the dancers who passed through the Bay Area during her performing career. Jamila didn't come out of a vacuum, there were many excellent dancers and she learned from them. 

And, while it is interesting and valid to trace this all back, the number of permutations that have come out of ATS is pretty phenominal... and like all things, some good, some not so good. A lot of what's happening today will have a greater influence on Tribal style tomorrow than getting caught up in what occurred 30-50 years ago when the concept of Tribal didn't exist.
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