21 de junho de 2015

Rest In Peace Phyllis Patterson - MISH MISH


Sharing a Phyllis Patterson Story.
You probably don't know me by my birth name, most of you know or remember me as Mish Mish. I started Belly Dancing at Faire in 1972 with Jamila Salimpours Bal Anat. Then Southern & Northern with Pitu Guli / Babaganoush (Patty Farbers Group). Then in the 80's with Sage & the Bells for our Mullah (Don Brown) on Caravansary Stage. Then formed Gypsy Moor Dancers who later turned into Habi Ru.
I had retired from dancing (1992) & formed an Andean Band playing traditional folkloric music & dance from So. America.
I approached Lesley Patterson with an idea:
That when Christopher Columbus set out for the New World, Pizarro discovered natives of So. America which they thought to be India.
Bringing back some of these Indian dancers and musicians on their Spanish Galleons for King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella, their ships were attacked by the English and instead ended up being brought to Court for Queen Elizabeth's entertainment.
The storyline was approved by Phyliss and 1994 we were hired for Northern Faire (Blackpoint) Caravansary Stage.
Okay, that's the background.....Now, the Phyliss story:
There's a very famous Andean Song written & composed at least a century ago called "El Condor Pasa". It was a collaboration by all the Andean Nations paying tribute to "The Last Inca". Its kind of like their National Anthem, loved by all its people.
Well from time to time Phyliss would pass by and listen and watch the show. She loved it and its newness & storyline to Faire but one day approached me and politely asked me to "Please tell the musicians to stop playing that Simon & Garfunkel song"! "Its not Period"!!!!!
Lol...laugh out loud...no one says "No" to our Fairey Godmother.
So I very delicately had to explain to her the true history behind the song and how Simon & Garfunkel were inspired by it & only put lyrics to it.
She still wasn't going for it and the song was respectfully taken out of the repertoire.

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