13 de junho de 2015


The first time we went there we took a fairly new dancer who had studied with Masha Archer – a young blond named Dhyana.  I had worked with her and found her to be a nice girl and a promising dancer, so Guy gave her a try.  She and I stayed in a very strange and funky old hotel, which we thought was charming, while the musicians stayed in a considerably more prosaic – but cleaner – motel.  We ate lots of green chili and sopaipillas (heaven!) at the Coney Island Café, which was run by a Greek.  We also spent a lot of time shopping and sight-seeing in Old Albuquerque.  All went well until the night Dhyana – to my horror – gave a couple of joints to some guys in the audience after the show!  Yes, it was the time of hippies, free love, flower power and all, but Albuquerque was not Berkeley or San Francisco, and her act of “love” could have had disastrous consequences for the whole troupe!  Guy fired her immediately, and she was replaced by an old pro, Yasmina  (BJ Kunkel).  The rest of our stay there was uneventful. 

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