2 de junho de 2015

AIDA AL ADAWI (em inglês)

Founded by Aida in 1988, the Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble preforms
traditional Arabic dance accompanied by live music in a variety of venues, most
notably, the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

The Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble was inspired by the original Bal Anat,
of which Aida was a member, performing at the Renaissance Pleasure Fair in California during the entire decade of the Seventies.

Jamilia Salimpour's Bal Anat inspired what is now three generations of oriental dancers, and is the recognised origin of "American Tribal Movement" in all its many variations. Aida Al Adawi, who is honored to have had the opportunity to study with Jamila Salimpour, was her teaching assistant for many years in San Francisco.


Before there was American Tribal (ATS), there was California Tribal in the 1970s, inspired by the legendary Bal Anat dance company directed by Jamila Salimpour. California Tribal dance is less codified than ATS and closely reflects the connections to North African dance and Orientalist paintings. Laurel Victoria Gray joined the Seattle based Jalaal Dance Company in 1976, initiating her into the popular California Tribal style.

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