19 de junho de 2015

JAMILA por Sola Stroll

Solano Stroll in California, Albany with Belly Dancers from Suheila Troupe, and sitting star Jamila Salimpour.

“When I was young he [my father] used to imitate them [Egyptian dancers] for us. In the late 40s my Egyptian landlady and I would go to the Egyptian movies every month. We saw many dancers, including Tahia Carioca and Samia Gamal. We would come home, put on Abdel Wahab and Farid Al Atrash records, and dance, trying to remember every move we’d seen. And so, from my father’s recollections, my landlady’s firsthand knowledge, and from the movie’s examples, this was how I got my dance information.
I first taught Oriental Dance in the early 1950s to old 78, three-minute Cife Telli records. Not having a dance vocabulary yet, I repeated the music as I improvised the dance. My students watched and imitated me, asking questions which often I couldn’t answer.

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